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50 and Beyond

Our first impression of 50 and Beyond was of a company clearly attuned to its audience. The owners requested an online guide that speaks directly to its readers and covers a broad spectrum of daily living. Seeking that blend of form and function, we developed an engaging and inviting layout containing several editorial sections, designed for easy navigation and for users with potentially poor eyesight. We also constructed a back end enabling the client to perform all the content updates that any active online publication would want to handle. According to final results, we hit a home run: since the relaunch of 50andBeyond.com, traffic to the site has increased over 91 percent!

Launch Website

Services Provided by Pinnacle:

  • Website Design
  • Website Development (Responsive, WordPress)

“Having had a poor experience with my past website designer, I was quite nervous when trying to select another web developer for my new design. Thankfully, I went with my gut— and let me just tell you how AWESOME Pinnacle Performance Partners has been! 

I am so pleased not only with the design they came up with for my "new look" but their customer service is out of the park! When they say they will call — they do. When you send an email with a question or concern— they answer promptly. They are a breath of fresh air. They score a 100 in my book on both design and customer service.”

— Bonnie Joffe, Founder, 50andBeyond.com


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