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Diamond Hot Yoga

Diamond Hot Yoga offers Bikram-style hot yoga in a beautiful, calming studio near Temple University in Philadelphia. Owner Jen came to us with not much time and a logo she had designed herself. We sat down with her, came up with a game plan, and got straight to work building a simple, effective site for her hot yoga studio. We created a bold logo that plays on the vivid imagery of Diamond Hot Yoga’s name, with a “hot” orange base color (for the heat of Bikram-style yoga) that we carried through the site. The contrasting deep purple evokes stillness and serenity, which also comes through in the calming simplicity of the site’s design. We set up the back end of the site to make it easy for Jen to update class times and specials, and integrated her class calendar with MINDBODY scheduling software so that clients can sign up for classes and pay online.

Launch Website

Services Provided by Pinnacle:

  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • Website Development (WordPress, Responsive)
  • Business Card Design and Print

"I came to Eirini and her team at Pinnacle in a state of panic with a basic idea and an impossibly short deadline. The first thing they did was help me identify my priorities (working within the constraints of my short timeline and small budget) and focus on *calmly* making my way through my task list. I was able to work side by side with the team to help expedite the whole process and in a matter of days, they made it happen - logo, cards, webiste. They never once even flinched when the company name had to change completely 3 days into working and a whole new logo and look had to be created. I know the whole team worked long hours and into the weekend for my project, and never once did they make me feel like I was a bother."

— Jen Coluzzi, owner, Diamond Hot Yoga Studio


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