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Mint Condition Physical Therapy

Frank’s warm personality is at the heart of his business, and he needed it to shine through with professional, consistent materials. We began by designing a strong, easy-to-recognize logo for Mint Condition. Then we edited and redesigned an existing brochure to create an informative trifold brochure, complete with an insert listing key information for his insurance-company clients. Double-sided business cards and a simple but useful website rounded out his marketing package.

Launch Website

Services Provided by Pinnacle:

  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • Website Development (Responsive, WordPress)
  • Business Card Design & Print
  • Brochure Design & Print

Awesome experience and professionalism at Pinnacle with both Eirini, Ben, and staff alike. As a health care professional, I can attest to the fact of how important customer and patient service is to all those involved with my experience. If attention to detail, professionalism, supreme customer service, and a friendly/family atmosphere is what you are looking for, then you have to look no further once you get to Pinnacle!!!! I recommend them with pride and without reservation and will continue to use them in my present business and future business ventures alike. Thank You Eirini, Ben, and the entire staff at Pinnacle for making my business a success!!!!

— Frank Shenko, Owner, Mint Condition Physical Therapy


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